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" Hands down the best veterinarian we've ever been to.  Country Critters has taken care of our dogs for about four years now (we have 4 dogs).  Sadly, we had to move to Texas and are struggling to find a veterinarian that values our dogs, (family:), and time as much as they did.  We honestly feel like we won the veterinarian lottery with Dr. Eddleman.  I would highly recommend both his South Anderson and Country Critters offices. "  - Heather Farnsworth

Missy and her new family

"Missy is a rescue dog and was very thin.  She is seven years old.  I had her about two weeks and I thought she was just depressed going from one place to another.  She was so mild and quiet, never barked or played.  Then she started acting like she had an ear ache and couldn't hardly walk.  I took her to Country Critters to have her checked out.  Missy was a lot sicker than I thought.  She has Addison's disease.  If they hadn't caught it when they did Missy wouldn't be here right now.  They were great.  Missy loves them.  She was there for five days and they treated her as one of the family.  Everytime we go back Missy just goes crazy with excitement.  They are all wonderful."  - Nancy Knotts

Felicia the cat

"One morning... I decided that a DIME would make a tasty meal.... well how wrong was I???  My Dad brought me to you and you saved my life... the best part is you nurtured me through it and I had very little pain/ discomfort.  You kept me for 2 days making sure that my stitches and belly were working fine.  The best part is my Dad says you kept him completely informed and walked him through making sure my recovery was painless and complete... Today I'm back to playing outside... searching for moles and making sure my Dad never sleeps alone!!  Thank you again!!  - Felicia and Michael Gindhart (my Dad)

     PS: My Dad says my other siblings, Josie and Mitsi, will also now get the special care that Country Critters seems to give ALL their patients!!!"  

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